"It is a people who love their God more than anything else, and who seek His kingdom and His righteousness first. It is a bride, a church, who follows the Lamb wherever He goes. It is a people of God who cast their crowns before the throne, who put off all of their own career, wealth and pride for Him who is our only Prize. It is God’s people who rise up as the new temple and who welcome His glory, welcome Him to live in our midst. It is sons and daughters who know that their Dad loves them unconditionally. It’s an end time’s army. He loves us. And everything will testify of the Father’s great love."

Teaching by Cornelia Forsberg about sonship, the glory of God, worship and the goodness of God. 

Barnaskap - Sankt Pauli kyrkan, lördag kväll 12/1/20Cornelia Forsberg
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