On earth as it is in Heaven


We gather to encounter God. We seek His face in praise and worship. In His presence we experience healing, miracles, restoration and deliverance. During every event we invite people to make the most important decision of all - to say yes to Jesus. 



The word of God has power. We gather for sharing and teaching, and practical discipleship training. We want every person to get to know God, to have their identity rooted in Christ, discover gifts and callings, and be equipped to step out in partnership with the Holy Spirit.



We long to tell people about Jesus, to those who don't know Him yet, and see them encounter God's unconditional love. We go out with the Gospel of Jesus, pray for the sick, share His presence, love, freedom and power. It is time for our nation to get to know our God!


Mondays & Tuesdays

IN THE FACE OF GOD  |  St Pauli Church & Johanneberg Church  |  GOTHENBURG

We meet every week at 19 to worship, sing praises and come before God together. Service in intercession and prayer for the sick. During the spring we will be in St Pauli Church (uneven weeks, Tuesdays) and in Johanneberg Church (even weeks, Mondays) for these occasions. More info about ev. livestream these weeks are coming continuously.  ​


Mån 4 april kl. 19 - Johannebergskyrkan - also livestream over Facebook & YouTube

Tis 12 april kl. 19 - St Pauli kyrka 

Mån 18 april kl. 19 - Johannebergskyrkan - also livestream over Facebook & YouTube

Tis 26 april kl. 19 - Sankt Pauli kyrka


Mån 2 maj kl. 19 - Johannebergskyrkan - also livestream over Facebook & YouTube

Tis 10 maj kl. 19 - St Pauli kyrka - 

Mån 16 maj kl. 19 - Johannebergskyrkan - 

Tis 24 maj kl. 19 - Sankt Pauli kyrka - 

Mån 30 maj kl. 19 - Johannebergskyrkan

We love Jesus. We love the presence of God and know that we are transformed in the place before His face. We see how the kingdom of God breaks out where worship and praise rise. For Him, nothing is impossible. God's love and goodness transform lives, situations and nations!

For more and updated info, join our FB group: "Hope for this nation: Before God's face  


Every Thursday  




We meet Gothenburg with the gospel of Jesus, pray for the sick, present God's presence, love, freedom and power. Join in and see people being transformed by Jesus! It is time for our country to get to know our God! Hang on whether you are used to it or not! We then divide into smaller teams and go out together and meet people. We end the evening with a joint gathering of testimonies.  

Every Thursday at 17.30-20.15

Meeting place: The chapel in Smyrna Church (entrance Parkgatan 3)

For more info, updates and testimonials, join our FB group: Hope for this nation: Evangelisation Göteborg "


19 aug


Mer info kommer. 

20 aug


HOPE FOR THIS NATION   I   Västkustkyrkan   I   STRÖMSTAD  


Hope for this nation Strömstad 20 augusti.


Kl. 10:00 - Lovsång och seminarium: "Evangelisation"- undervisning och utrustning ut i evangelisation.
Därefter går vi ut på Strömstads gator.
Kl. 11:30 - Evangelisation i Strömstad
Kl. 16:00 - Seminarium: "Lovsång & tillbedjan"
Kl 19:00 - Kvällsmöte. Tillbedjan, lovsång, predikan och betjäning i förbön. 

En ekumenisk dag för alla åldrar. En dag av tillbedjan, lovsång, undervisning, evangelisation, mötet med Gud och betjäning i förbön. Kostnadsfritt.

Vi ser fram emot en förvandlande dag inför Guds ansikte. Boka in 20 aug! Låt oss tro Gud om och stå i bön för ett förvandlat samhälle och en förvandlad region.

2-3 sept



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17 sept


MISSIONSDAG   I   Kalmar domkyrka   I   KALMAR

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23-25 sept




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7-9 okt




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